Mirarco’s Maharaja Meal at Pauper’s Price
Wrap Up Report

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(2009 JUNE 24, Wednesday) The joint MIRARCO and India-Canada Association, Sudbury, fund raiser luncheon for Project Kandwar was a splendid festive event. The lunch was both a memorable experience for the participants and a tremendous fund raising success for the people who will benefit from the effort.

To say that the luncheon interlude was meticulously organized and was backed by near universal participation by MIRARCO staff is to say nothing at all. Although a large number of MIRARCO people participated as guests in the event and a significant number contributed to the final outcome, without the invaluable contributions by the following fabulous four, the event would not have been such a grand success. Ms Sandra Willock, Ms Sandra Djivre, Mr. Andrew Zaverucha, and Ms Diane LePage were tireless in their efforts. Ms Jane Djivre became a volunteer server at the food desk.

The Executive of India-Canada unanimously endorsed the participation of its members in the fund raising effort. The following magnificent four were instrumental in preparing the delicious dishes and serving them to the guests. Ms Bela Ravi, Ms Zorha Nawaz, Ms Gurubaksh Sokhal, and Ms Renuka Mamidi. Dr. Ramesh Subramaniam, Ms Hillary Nelson, and Mr. Narayan Mamidi were cheerful servers of the delicacies. To watch their steadfast efforts in organizing the preparation of the array of delicacies and serve them out with characteristic cheer was to observe an orchestral feast.

The seven main dishes were: Chiken Masala/Curry, Chana Masala/Curry, Basmati Rice, Naan Bread, Fish Curry, Potato Masala/Curry, and Beef/Vegetable Stir Fry. Guests could not say enough nice things about the lunch and urged the hosts to repeat the effort. The disappointed, numbering perhaps at least eighty, who could not get tickets, are pleading for a repeat of the effort on a larger scale.

Mr. Matt Livingstone from the City of Greater Sudbury and PK web God, designed the poster. Dr. Nagarajan Karatholuvu of Laurentian University was the music maestro. Ms Christine Wood, a geologist, and Mr. Andrew Wilson and Ms Shannon Katary from CEMI were all round volunteers attending to several duties.

All contributions by the people involved were in-kind and in-cash contributions. The result was that the entire sum of ticket sales and donations went for giving a hand up to the poorest of the poor. The collaboration of people involved was so effective that all tickets were sold out five days before the event.

Some of the well-known public figures who participated in the event included Mr. Floyd Laughran, former Deputy Premier of Ontario, Mr. Ted Callahan and Ms Janet Gasperini, Councillors, City of Greater Sudbury.

The festive event resulted in raising $2,008 for the proposed vocational education and training centre in the Greater Chikballapur Area, Karnataka, India.

The Tripartite Partnership of local/national/global organizations, namely, Kandavara Task Force, The XVIII Horse Foundation, and Project Kandwar, are grateful for the effort by the two organizations and all the individuals who made the event such a success.