Friends of Project Kandwar

Friends are goodwill ambassadors of PK. They are not responsible for the activities but generally support the vision and activities carried out to execute the vision. They may or may not make any contributions other than developing goodwill for PK.

Ms Meredith Armstrong,
Marketing Officer, Tourism, Culture, and Marketing,
City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario.

Hon. Rick Bartolucci,
Minister for Mines and Northern Development
Province of Ontario, Canada

Mr. Robert Bateman,
Businessperson, Sudbury, Ontario

Dr. Jane Blackman,
M.D., Ophthalmologist, Kensington, Maryland.

Ms Margaret Borley,
Health and Social Services Professional,
Sudbury, Ontario.

Mr. Roy Borley,
Mental Health Professional and Mediator Assistance
in Marital Disputes, Sudbury, Ontario.

Ms Kathy Brankley
Health Planner (Retired), Sudbury, Ontario

Ms Jennie M. Byron,
Earth Sciences Computer Technologist,
Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario.
Concurrently doing her Master of Science degree specializing in geochemistry and 3D modelling of ore deposits.

Mr. David Culham,
for 25 years Councillor of City of Mississauga and Region of Peel
and now an environmental activist, Mississauga, Ontario.

Ms Shaz A. Davison,
Program Developer and Executive Film Producer,
Seattle, Washington.

Ms Ruth Gerrity,
Accounting and Tax Consultant,
Henryville, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Hadyn Butler,
Consultant Geologist, Sudbury, Ontario.

Mr. Jack Craig,
Founder Partner, Marketing Associates International,
Windsor, Ontario.

Ms Nicole J. Daignault,
Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
Erleichda Wellness Yoga Centre, Windsor, Ontario.

Ms Mary Lou Fabbro,
Small Business Owner, Sudbury, Ontario.

Ms Eileen Goltz,
Librarian at Laurentian University (retd.), Massey, Ontario.

Mr. Gerald Goltz,
School Principal (retd.), Massey, Ontario.

Ms Molly Hancock,
Social Worker, Sudbury, Ontario.

Ms Benita Hart,
Writer/Journalist, Sudbury, Ontario.

Ms Jennifer Kelly, Planner,
The Ontario Municipal Board, Toronto.

Mr. Jesse Khurana,
Urban Planning Consultant, Toronto, Ontario.

Ms Smrithi S. Krishnan,
CPA, CFO, ImageScan, Pasadena, California.

Ms Linda Kuehnbaum,

Mr. William Kuehnbaum,

Mr. William E. Lautenbach,
Director of Planning Services, City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario.

Mr. Michael G. Lynne,
School Principal, (retd.), Durham, North Carolina.

Mr. Dharam Malik,
President, Malik Associates, Architects and Urban Designers,
Thornbury and Toronto, Ontario.

Dr. Gailand Macqueen,
United Church Minister and Professor of Religious Studies (retd.),
Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario.

Ms Joyce Macqueen,
Nursing Professional (retd.) working on History of Nursing.

Dr. Oksana Mensheha, M.D.,
Ophthalmologist, Libertyville, Illinois.

Dr. Juan Carlos Moreno Garcia,
Researcher, Centre Nationale pour les Recherches Scientifiques,
Université Charles-de-Gaulle-Lille 3, France.

Dr. Alfie Morgan,
Emeritus Professor of Business, University of Windsor,
Windsor, Ontario.

Dr. M. K. Murthy,
Consultant, Ceramics and Composite Materials Chemistry,
Toronto, Ontario

Mr. Ravinder Nagendra,
Service Solutions Architect,
The Ontario Municipal Board, Toronto.

Mr. Paul Reid,
Business Development Officer, City of Sudbury.

Ms Kerry Lee Richards,
French Translator, Sudbury, Ontario.

Mr. Colin Rose,
ASIAMA (Vic), Negotiator and Corporate Strategist,
Rose and Barton Pty. Ltd., Gisborne, Victoria, Australia.

Ms Judy Rose,
Counselling for families, couples, parenting,
and workplace, Gisborne, Victoria, Australia.

Mr. Lou Sage,
Retired Chief Administrative Officer of the City of Hamilton,
Christie Beach, Ontario.

Mr. Carlos Salazar,
MCIP, RPP, Manager of Community Planning and Design,
Clarington, Ontario.

Ms Jennifer Salo,
Public Relations Officer, The Nickel District Conservation Authority,
Sudbury, Ontario.
Her specialty is segmented marketing in the Kellog School style.

Mr. Paul Scargall,
Barrister and Solicitor, Toronto, Ontario.

Ms Bernice Shea,
High School Teacher (retd.), Sudbury, Ontario.

Ms Gillian Schell,
Department of English, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario.

Mr. William Stos,
Ph.D. student, York University, Toronto, Ontario.

Mr. Tin Chee Wu,
Senior Planner, City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario.