40281234718895CIVIL-CampusSM.jpgThe Canadia Institute of
Vocational and Industrial
Learning (CIVIL)
Chikballapur, Karnataka


To create a brand that would be recognized as world class with a caliber of faculty and students suffused in an institutional culture of excellence and innovation.


Assemble a Critical Mass of Creative People (faculty and students), Nurture Them, Retain Them, and Reinforce Them with a Culture of Creativity in Order for the Institution to Produce Highly Skilled Graduates.


  1. To provide skills that enhances employability for graduates in the globally competitive market;

  2. To inculcate an organizational culture among graduates that fosters cooperation,  competent and self-reliant, and the wisdom to know the difference;

  3. To unleash the entrepreneurial drive so that graduates can create their own jobs and jobs for others through establishment of new businesses;

Needs and Demands for CIVIL

The need for CIVIL stems from these two factors:

  • First, the need for skill by the poor to secure employment or become self-employed.
  • Second, the demand by firms to meet the shortage of skilled labour in their operations.

Discussions with knowledgeable people in major firms has led to the major finding that the firms are actively looking for people with skills the CIVIL will be developing.

The firms appear to be very eager to support a training centre that produces well qualified graduates. ITC, Toyota, MICO, Himatsingka Siede, Suprajeeth Industries, etc., being examples.

Training Programs

Long-term Engineering Courses

  1. Computer Engineering
  2. Electronics

Duration of Training: 3 Years

Short-term Vocational Training Courses (Non –Engineering)

  1. DTP –Desktop Publishing and Screen Printing
  2. Tailoring (Garments)
  3. Sales Retail

Duration of Training: 15-90 days

Compulsory Training for All (short-term)

  1. Functional English
  2. Accounting/Basic Finance
  3. Computer Literacy
  4. Quality of Work Life (QWL)-Human Rights/Health & Safety

Duration of Training: 90 days


  1. Pre-admission Sponsorship and post-training placements.
  2. Moderate Fee for the long-term Engineering courses.
  3. Revenue from placements.
  4. Corporate sponsorships for need based customized training.
  5. Corporate Training.
  6. Value Added Courses for other institutions and corporations based on the demand.
  7. Rural-BPO setup for IT Industry.
  8. Revenue from Campus Market Garden

Contact Us

If you or your organization would like to participate in the CIVIL project please contact us.